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iSecretShop is a Job Board Annoyed by dozens (or hundreds) of spammed emails every week because every scheduler at every company clicks ‘Bulk Email’ as if their lives depended on it? So are we!

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iSecretShop is the first, fully-integrated mobile mystery shopping solution on the market. Using our mobile tools, shoppers can do literally everything: from scheduling the assignment from the field and completing it on site with pictures, geo-tags and date/time stamps, to clicking “Submit” as they exit the location.

No other system allows end-to-end project fulfillment like iSecretShop – check it out and see how much time you save!

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Do I have to have a smartphone?

Absolutely Not. Using a smartphone gives you tremendous advantages like completing assignments from the field – without having any homework to do later, but it is by no means necessary. On the iSecretShop system you can use a smartphone app, the mobile web, a computer at home – or ANY combination of the three! It’s all about making it easier (and more convenient) for you!

What is iSecretShop’s Payment Policy?

iSecretShop is a software platform and a job board. We do not pay shoppers. Our clients (the ones offering the opportunities) do. Every company has its own Payment Policy. Some jobs pay within days, others on a monthly schedule. All Payment Policies are published for you to review prior to agreeing to do any work.

How do I qualify as a Mystery Shopper? Do I have to apply?

As an adult consumer, your opinions and observations are extremely important. Registering is fast and free – and you’ll be able to start taking assignments right away! There is no application process, and you ‘qualify’ because your opinion matters.